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Allison Gambone



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Learn more about Allie

Allie Gambone is a multi-talented entrepreneur with a remarkable journey that has led her to become a prominent figure in the real estate industry. Starting her career as a singer-songwriter, Allie's determination to support her music led her to work part-time as a rental agent. However, her innate skills and drive soon propelled her into the world of real estate, where she found unparalleled success.

In 2007, Allie co-founded Keller Williams Realty Landmark in Bayside, alongside a group of investors. This venture turned out to be a resounding triumph, emerging as the most profitable Keller Williams franchise launched that year. The office soon became the number one real estate office in Queens County, a testament to Allie's exceptional leadership and business acumen.


Allie's outstanding achievements garnered recognition, as she was honored in the esteemed 30 under 30 list and Realtor Magazine in 2009. Her expertise and accomplishments led to the opportunity to help establish Keller Williams Realty Landmark II in Jackson Heights, Queens, further expanding her influence in the industry.

In 2020, Allie assumed the role of team leader at the Massapequa office, revitalizing profits during the challenging times of the pandemic. Building on her diverse skill set, she became a franchise owner of Cyberbacker New York in 2021, a top virtual assistant company. Through this venture, Allie extends her coaching abilities to assist all business owners in optimizing their operations with affordable virtual leverage.

Despite her remarkable success in the business world, Allie's true passion lies in being a mother. Her dedication to her career is admirable, but her unwavering love for her child is what truly sets her apart. Allie Gambone continues to inspire and empower others to build their businesses with her relentless pursuit of excellence in both her professional and personal life.

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